Special Guest


Creator, Photographer, Director

After graduating from the South East Center of Photographic studies in Daytona Beach

Florida, Christian was chosen from 4,000 photographers to intern and eventually staff at

Walt Disney Creative Photography department in Orlando Florida. In his time with Disney he

was required to handle many large-scale photography shoots including national advertising

campaigns and many film and television projects. Christian had many photographs

published by Disney including much of the opening promotions for the Animal Kingdom

theme park. In 1999 He left Disney and moved west to Los Angeles where I began working

in the film industry shortly after arriving. Christian worked primarily as a location scout for

the studios on commercial and film projects. He has worked on over a hundred productions

including Vanilla Sky, Swordfish, AI, BMW projects and many TV commercials. In

2004 he moved to Melbourne Australia where he had an opportunity to live and work on

some editorial images as well as some personal photography. Christian returned in 2006 to

the east coast where he is from. Shortly after, he met Gili and they started their own

multimedia company called Elysium Multimedia. Christian was highly motivated to start his

own project that he would have total control of, so he reached back to his past to the things

that he was inspired by to help form the original concepts for the “Warbird Pinup Girls”

calendar. Today we are on our 9th annual edition. 

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