Flight Training


National Warplane Museum members can experience an exceptional opportunity to earn a Second-In-Command check ride at the controls of the B-17 ‘The Movie Memphis Belle”. This unique opportunity is for museum members who wish to crew the aircraft as it travels from appearance to appearance. 

The National Warplane Museum in Geneseo, New York is the proud caretaker of the Movie Memphis Belle owned by the Tallichet family. This aircraft was made famous by her role in the 1990 film Memphis Belle. It is one of approximately ten B-17’s still flying in the world. She served as a military cargo/troop transport, a VIP transport in Japan, an executive transport for a corporation in the late 50’s and then spent about 15 years as a fire bomber before being purchased by Dave Tallichet. She has the distinction of being the only B-17 flying that has been in continuous service since she was built in late 1944.

Learn about the history of the B-17 and its role in World War II, then feel the power of four Studebaker Wright 9 1200 HP engines as you experience the thrill of takeoff. Become a part of history as you take in the sights, the sounds, the smells and the feeling of being at the controls when you embark on your flight training experience. It will be something you will never forget!

SIC Check Ride Training

SIC Check Ride Training

Earn your FAA Second-In-Command check ride the the B-17 "The Movie Memphis Belle". Approximately 1.5 hours of flight time and 3-4 hours ground school.