Earn a B-17 SIC Type Rating!

Experience Introductory B-17 Flight Training!

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Training dates will be coordinated with client and instructor availability.


Pilot Qualifications:

  • Private Pilot Certificate**
  • Multi-engine Rating
  • Tailwheel Endorsement
  • Current U.S. Third Class Medical Certificate

Flight Training: 1.5 hours*

Ground Instruction: 3-4 hours

Materials Included: B-17 Pilot’s Operating Manual, Flight and Ground Training Syllabi,

Checklists, Certificate of Completion for FAA Second-In-Command Checkout

*Time may be more or less based on Instructor’s evaluation of student’s skill level to complete FAA requirements. Extra time required will be billed at $3750 per hour.
**Holders of foreign pilot certificates may require a TSA background check or US equivalency certificate. Additional experience may be required.

SIC TRAINING REQUIREMENTS (CFAR Part 61.55 for the SIC Type Rating)

Ground portion (Up to 4 hours):

(1) Become familiar with the following information for the specific type aircraft for which second-in-command

Privileges are requested—

(i) Operational procedures applicable to the power plant, equipment, and systems.

(ii) Performance specifications and limitations.

(iii) Normal, abnormal, and emergency operating procedures.

(iv) Flight manual.

(v) Placards and markings.

Flight Portion (1.5 hours):

(i) Three takeoffs and three landings to a full stop as the sole manipulator of the flight controls;

(ii) Engine-out procedures and maneuvering with an engine out while executing the duties of pilot in command

(iii) Crew resource management training.