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Livingston County Chamber of Commerce

Let’s keep this going. It’s super cute. Tell us your elf name.

Let's have some fun.

What is your Elf Name?

I will go first in the comments.

#Elf #ElfName #ChamberFactor

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Saturday results.....

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Thom is a busy guy!

What a day! Finished the airshow at the Ocean Reef Club with 5 flights this morning in P-40 Warhawk American Dream, flew home to Kissimmee, got re-current in the National Warplane Museum - Geneseo ... See more

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December 7th @ the big hangar.....

2 days ago

Remember today: Both for what happened and what followed the next 1347. They echo down to this day still....

3 days ago

Want to help us in our mission to reach, teach, and inspire people to learn more about history and the brave men and women who served (and are still serving) our country? Shop at Amazon and search ... See more

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New warplane museum memorial was once used to help family, friends flee Vietnam

It was a snowy day yesterday but we had a visit from Kheim Pham who flew this airplane out of South Vietnam. Read more about his story from WHEC 13 News who joined us for his visit: ... See more

Geneseo, N. Y. (WHAM) - Kheim Pham distinctly remembers using a C-130A plane to smuggle more than 50 family members and friends out of Saigon. He says he watched as American troops and personnel pull ... See more

1 week ago

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at the National Warplane Museum. As always please remember those who are serving our country in difficult conditions during the Holidays. They are all volunteers ... See more

1 week ago
National Warplane Museum - Geneseo Airshow's cover photo

Help us restore the aircraft which was flown out of South Vietnam by Pham Quang Khiem with 50 refugees including his family. Details on our Facebook page and coming to our website.

1 week ago
Photos from National Warplane Museum - Geneseo Airshow's post

Many of you have seen photos and read the story about our newest aircraft. We are calling her "Siagon Lady" and she is starting the long process to bring her back to how she looked when she was ... See more

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