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The Geneseo Airshow maintains a safety first culture.  All volunteers are trained in their respective assignments.  Volunteers are empowered to stop an operation or even a show if they identify any unsafe condition.  

It is important that the Hometown Feel be maintained here at the Geneseo Airshow.  There is nothing like being able to walk up to performing aircraft, and have up close and personal experiences with living history.  Our Hometown Feel makes the show special and personal to every person.


Engagement and communication is important at the Geneseo Airshow.  Volunteers must engage and communicate as a part of volunteering, but they must also communicate with Airshow guests.

Aviation carries an important legacy.  Each year, thousands of people attend the Airshow of all ages and backgrounds.  Each year, the show manages to connect with each of them on a deeply personal level and inspire them to carry on parts of this legacy.


History must be cherished, honored, and appreciated.  Our dynamic show tells the story of aviation from WWI through today and honors all those who made sacrifices to make today possible.